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Sunday, April 30, 2006


So here's what happened. I didn't make it to be tulip queen, most probably because I spend too much time getting my masters and making the world safe for library development... oh yeah... and bringing literacy to the children of the world... So, at melissa's yesterday, my friend Joe made a speech. He said that it's just another example of how backward this town has become...ladden with corruption...violence inherent in the system...
And then...slowly... people began to remove their overcoats and unzip their hoodies to reveal:

I have the best friends in the world.

I also have the good favor of being well connected to the press:

And of course, it's always nice to hear:

I have been really emotional lately. This semester has been really difficult and life keeps happening. This really was the sweetest thing. Thanks guys! LOVE!

Friday, April 28, 2006

I have no fecundity of the mind today

fe·cun·di·ty ( P ) (f-knd-t)
The quality or power of producing abundantly; fruitfulness or fertility.
Productive or creative power: fecundity of the mind.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Picture perfect

I can't sleep. Well, I could, but I keep having weird dreams. So here is a picture of my little sister's birthday party. Here she is with "all her ho's" I'm ducking into the picture from a dart game we were playing at the time. Tres fun.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Ok I'm feeling better now. Schoolwork is finished for the night. Two more weeks left and then I am running away to my camp in the middle of nowhere to sit around a campfire -which is to me the polar opposite of sitting in the uptown campus of the library for the following reasons A) no SUNY kids with cell phones B) no school work C) Fire.


Lyrics to a very good song that has been in my head thanks to the lovely band "knotworking" that covers it and makes everyone cry.


( Live / Damien Jurado )

Out from my window across from the city
I have what's considered a good view
Two blocks from the subway, three from the fountain
Where I walk to break in new shoes

She stands on the sidewalk just waving at taxis
Like horses in parades in passing
I ask where she's headed she tells me,
"Ohio, I've not seen my mother in ages
It's been a long time, a real long time."

Out from my window "How far is Ohio?"
She laughed and pointed out east
She said, "I grew up there with my dear mother
And I haven't seen her since thirteen.

You see, I was taken while she lay sleeping
By my father's hired man
We moved to city so far from my family
I haven't been back there since.
It's been a long time, a real long time."

Out from my window please hear me Ohio
Your daughter wants to come home
She longs to be with you to hug you to kiss you
To never leave her alone

And I've gotten know her to live with to love her
It's hard to see her leave
She belongs to her mother and the state of Ohio
I wish she belonged to me

See you sometime, see you sometime

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Queen bean

I may not be the tulip queen but I'm still queen bean!! Word on the street yo, "We all kinda knew you were just too hop for them. It's unfortunate that your lack of conformity worked against you this round."- my friend Melissa.

Friday, April 21, 2006

You learn something new everyday

The term "gat" comes from the term "gattling gun"... hmm.

Having a weird day, I'm off to finsh my print reference assignment. I think that someone is deliberatly sabotaging the rest of the class (from what I know of the ethics of some of the people in our program, I wouldn't doubt it)... all the books we need are missing from the shelves... and the librarians can't find them. But someone will pay when I find out what the deal is... oh yes... someone will pay dearly. ::shakes her fist in the air::

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


At school today someone pulled the fire alarm and we had to evacuate the building... but we still didn't get out of class. Ah well.
I have a Ryan Adams song stuck in my head, or is it Whiskeytown?
Going to see knotworking play at the bookshop on Saturday, that should rock. Hmm what else is new... generally daunted by the amount of school work- contemplating sequestering myself for a couple of days and just getting it all done. But what fun is that?

Quote of the day (by Kate Pierce: said in the same breath) : " Is it still awkward? Do you want a peanut?"


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Interesting away messages

My friend told me that I need to get some new away messages because she's sick of reading my old ones. So I'm sitting here printing out my database assignment trying to think of new and witty away messages to impress my friends. My life has devolved into a new state of sick, sad, and boring.

On the bright side, I have some awesome Easter eggs. I found that by combining a blue and a green tablet with 3 table spoons of vinegar and adding 1/2 cup of water... soaking a hardboiled egg for 2 minutes and then soaking it in orange dye produces the most disgusting brown color ever created.

my new away message is from "know it all" the book by the guy that read the encyclopedia Britannica in its entirety, " The ancient Egyptians used olive oil as a lubricant for moving heavy building materials; so without olive oil, no pyramids."

I find it fascinating ::pushes up her fictitious glasses:


Monday, April 10, 2006

Bringing peace to the children of the world

I'm a semi-finalist for Tulip Queen. Don't laugh. Check out the festival at

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mind of its own

My hair has a mind of its own. It's quite disturbing. Megan took this picture on the beach in RI last summer. Please ignore the cell phone stuck to my ear (who brings a cell phone to the beach?!?!)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I'm reading The Best of Robert Service. Ivy gave it to me when I was in the middle of a busy shift at the tavern months ago. I hate poetry... well... I love poetry which is why I hate bad poetry and because there's so much bad poetry I can't bring myself to listen to any of it (most of the time). She said, "this is for you if you hate poetry". It's awesome.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ah April Fools

Daylight savings time is a really bad joke. Between the lost hour and the sunshine I have not done anything worth reporting.
Well, one thing worth reporting- Mo made THE MOST hilarious video of the librarian party (not the most recent one, which would have been interesting to have on tape because the level of insanity has never been seen before). I really think Maureen has a career in documentaries... well as much of a career as anyone actually has in documentaries. It's probably going to be one of those web clips that gets on VH1... though we should figure a way to capitalize on the "librarians gone slightly wild" video. We'd need a better title, and probably a script. It sounds like too much work. Maybe they'll just make me key grip.