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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Elvis, Mike Doughty and Art on Lark

Ok here's what's happened recently. On my birthday the Kamikazi hearts played and sang me happy birthday. Then the following day Mother Judge and Steve Candlin played and sang me happy birthday and also my parents and friends did as we ate steak and sweet potatoes. Then I went to the Elvis festival and met lots of Elvises... Elvi... whatever the plural for Elvis is. I got my picture taken with one in a purple suit... my favorite Elvis won the competition (he was the young Elvis- see the metroland article ) !!

Then my friend Nate and the piano bar sang me happy birthday.

Fast forward through a week of work and what not.

My friend Jaime is moving and I am sad but we had a great time hanging out with her and my BFF Megan in Troy and I get to see her this week- which is good. Plus, Arizona is a pretty neat place to move to I guess.

I played at Art on Lark (check out the cover of today's Capital Region section of the Times Union to see a picture). It was awesome. Matt Durfee and Mother Judge and John Brodeur all played too and they were fantastic. It was really windy though. Joe and I played some tunes too, he is a great banjo player (pictures to come shortly). The people from EQX shared their tent with me and gave me cheetos.

And then last night Anne and Angela and I went to see Mike Doughty (the lead singer from soul coughing) . Harrith and Wendy were there and Wendy and I tried to teach Angela to shake it but she's from Seattle and can't. Then Angela made friends with the drummer and we got to eat Mike Doughty's birthday cake! ( I fed some to Anne and Muppet). And then they were supposed to come out with us but we went to the Ale House and then Anne made pancakes.

Sooooo exciting.

So Next weekend we're going to NYC to get crafty and visit my friend Tom too! Hooray!


At 11:44 AM, Blogger jb said...

Yr Elvis link is wrong-o :( It's actually HERE.


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