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Monday, July 24, 2006

Life is good

Oh I am so happy! I just went to hear my friend Nate sing with my good friend Aracelis and had a lovely time! And I am excited for tomorrow! I get to see David Blaine (he is the New York State Summer Reading Program celebrity spokesperson! How awesome is that?!)

I am going to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks and then at the end of August Pittsburgh is coming to me- well, my lovely friend Ruth is at least! I think I may have to get her and all my other redhead friends in a room in albany and go "huh. I think I have a thing for redheads"? They are good people :)

Also, going to go to Seattle soon to see cool bands and an awesome friend's family and sleep in a "container"! And then I'm going to get my guitar fixed by a great family friend that builds BEAUTIFUL guitars :) Oh happy day.

And Metroland is wonderful, they voted me the Best Local Female Singer/Songwriter of 2006. I was so excited and surprised :) I am in good company too- my favs the Kamikaze Hearts, Steve Candlen, and Matt Durfee also represented. Metroland knows what they're talking about methinks.
So allow me to toot my own horn and reprint what they wrote:

Best Singer-Songwriter(Female)

Laura Boggs

The lovely Laura Boggs has been a bright spot in the local folk scene for a few years now as a regular at open mics and performing solo shows. Boggs' upbeat, gentle demeanor endears her to audiences young and old. Her writing style is clever and accessible, and her croon is reminiscent of Natalie Merchant. Boggs' enchanting-but-not-cutsie songs have a sensibility that make them all her own, with the added charm of a random French ballad, or Shel Silverstein poem that she set to music. Bonus: We hear she plans on running in the next mayoral election.

I am having a really good time and feel really blessed. Thanks to everyone who contributes to my happinessess, I know I probably seem a bit ridiculous but I don't care- Hooray!


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