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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good year

I was just thinking... as it turns out... this has been a really good year so far. It all started when the Steelers won the superbowl and then I got the job at the library. And then it just keeps being awesome ::knocks on wood::

So life is great, Pittsburgh is awesome... my family is insane but lovely (it's genetic). Going to Seattle on Wednesday...

Had a great weekend- went to see the Kamikaze hearts at the tavern and blew off a lot of steam (see: going out with friends after spending a week with your entire family including 18 total hours of driving). Was hurting a little (mentally emotionally physically spiritually) today... But then I went to Newpalz with Melissa and Joe and we hung out with Joe's family and it was so beautiful there. And I met their friend Jason who was nice and he had a pet duck when he was a kid and he's getting chickens and maybe if we go to Newpalz again we can see the chickens and that would be neat. He told me where to see bunnies in Seattle! Pretty cool.

First day back to work tomorrow... I probably have about 300 emails, sigh. Can't wait to hit the road again. Photo-documentation will be made and displayed here. Whee!


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