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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Holy Adventures!

Wow, this summer has been one big adventure. While in Newpalz Melissa took me to a craft store that had a stamp that read "ADVENTURE" I wanted to buy it and then stamp things and people to make my adventures official. Everyone I know would be all inky though if I did. So...

Can you row a boat? I dunno, canoe?! Here Joe and I play in the canoe!

Fast forward to Seattle

Here Angela and I visit the Freemont(sp?) Troll! Yes he's holding a Volkswagen bug! I am so glad we visited it. Angela knew all the cool spots to go!

Here we go to a Seattle record store. I loved this area of Seattle!

And then I went to the sound, which is basically the Pacific Ocean! Angela's sister found me some neat sea shells and we all took a nap on the beach! I love the West Coast (but I'm still an East Coast girl... We realized this when they laughed when I said August (Awe-gust) and also that I laughed when Angela said " you're harshing my mellow") I still dig it though!

This is where we stayed. It's a "container". I would explain more but all you need to know it that it was super.

So in sad news, my friend Becca is leaving us. She is going to Guatemala and California!!! Wow! I am happy for her but I will miss her a lot :( Love to the Becca if she reads this!


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