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Friday, September 08, 2006

Full Moon

It was a full moon yesterday! Wow this world is crazy! Today everything got better though. I talked to a lovely woman on the Cingular Customer Service line and she fixed my text messages. A thousand apologies to everyone who's messages I missed over the past 5 days.
I am mastering my CD this weekend.... Whoa! Jared and Harith are amazing. We are creating an awesome record. You all better buy one when they come out and help save me from being a starving artist. This weekend Joe and I are adding some tracks and Meg (oh my amazing Meg!!) is going to add her loveliness to the album.
I am so thrilled for Melissa and her amazing art. Fiber arts rule, come to her (fiber) art debut! Friday night (tonight!)! 6 to 9 p.m. Kismet Gallery. 4th & Broadway! Troy!
SO after an adventure today with Melissa, and recording tomorrow, I may go visit my "friend"'s big gay farm as well. That is a cool weekend. Now I just have to get in gear with school- yikes!
School seems neat so far... there are some really neat professors, no real crazy ones (yet). I know my stats professor is awesome, so that takes a little of the edge off. Though, incase you haven't noticed by now... I tend to freak out and think I'm going to fail and then end up getting straight A's. You'd think I'd learn after 6 years of school that the freaking out thing isn't necessary. Sigh.
Melissa took this lovely picture of our last night with Becca. Shout out to Becca wherever she may be now- I hope she's checking in. LOVE!


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