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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CD release and baby chicks!

The Cd release party was great! We had so much fun! Anyone wanna buy a CD?

So, the farm recieved a shipment of 18 baby chicks this weekend! (yes, they come in the mail!) they hatch at 8am the day they ship them and then they ride to their new home within 3 days. Did you know that they don't eat or drink for the first 3 days so that it's ok to ship them that way!? Wow!

here is my favorite chick- she is named Miss Stardust, after Ziggy Stardust (because it looks like she's wearing crazy eye makeup) she is the smallest and the cutest too!!!!


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Jason Gagnon said...

And Miss Stardust is most certainly a little miss- the ladies have long feathers before the gents do- and Miss Stardust has the longest wing feathers of the bunch! She will be a Layer and not a Broiler!


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