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Thursday, December 28, 2006

We rock

I think that the Rev Records said it best at

teehee, and I quote,

PRESS: "Whiskey & Springtime" in TU's Best of the Year

Congratulations to Laura Boggs, who we love so much, and whose album "Whiskey and Springtime" was chosen by Greg Haymes as one of the Best Local CDs of the Year in the Albany Times Union! Though we know it's true, it's nice to get some professional validation.

As it appears in Thursday's Preview section:

Laura Boggs, "Whiskey & Springtime" (The Rev): Timeless, haunting acoustic singer-songwriter stuff that stretches beyond the folk realm.

You can check out all of his picks here.

Today Albany, tomorrow probably New Paltz or something, eventually the world! Congratulations! BEAN FOR MAYOR!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Time!!!!!!!

It's the most wonderful (crazy, tired, grrr) time of the year...
We had the knitwits holiday party this Wednesday, and it was awesome!
I will bug Melissa for some pictures and post them soon. We also have to post the picture of Jason and the tank (yes that's right, a real tank, that they have (for ambiance) outside of the home front cafe in Altamont. You should try it out (though they have funny hours). It's really nice there, great food, but you have to behave as though you are at someone else's grandma's house (no cussing, mind your manners, say please and thank you)... I'm not kidding.
Oh ok, back to my loot, I mean, how much fun the secret santa was yesterday. My secret santa gave me the BEST new knitting book and AWESOME fancy hand cream :) then Miss Megan surprised me with Jailhouse Rock Elvis coffee and snazzy ballet slipper socks!!! Hooray! I also received handmade lavender bath salts, I love presents :)SANTA TIME!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crazy silly bean finals naptime

I am totally wiped out by finals... argh! Only one more week though of finishing stuff up, then done with classes forever! I'll be a Master ;) teehee.I'm loopy. Here's some pics from the cd release!!!

Tess gave me flowers! They were BEEEEautiful!!!

Melissa took these mad phat pics! Thanks a bunch to her! Here me and Joe rock out :) Woohoo!