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Thursday, February 08, 2007

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Alum Laura Boggs takes a big step in music making
by Lou Emory
Issue date: 2/7/07 Section: Arts & Entertainment

Before listening to Saint Rose Alumnus Laura Boggs' "Whiskey & Springtime" album, turn the lights down low and light a candle or two and begin a trip into her past experiences. Her sensual voice blends in perfectly with each track allowing a modern singer songwriter an album that flows. Images of Joan Baez, Jeff Buckley, June Carter, and Sarah McLachlan come to mind as the album progresses. In each song Boggs uses her powerful and haunting voice to mesmerize and keep listeners drawn till the very end. Her voice is showcased during crowd favorites like "Day Dreaming in Albany", and "Elena."

Boggs' favorites on the album are "Day Dreaming in Albany," "Dreaming" and "It Reminds Me."

"On "Day Dreaming in Albany" I really like Meg's [Prokorym] accompaniment. It was a quick song to write, it came out of nowhere a couple of years ago. I love what Jared [Funari]did with the presentation of "Dreaming," how the song sounds ethereal, which complements the mood and theme of the song," Boggs said.

Prokorym and Funari are two of the contributors to the album.
Dan Speorl a senior at the College of Saint Rose also enjoyed "Whiskey & Springtime."

"By far my favorite track on the album is "Day Dreaming in Albany." "The lyrics: "Love is pain, pain is weakness leaving, love is weakness, leaving me", for some reason, just connect with me every time I hear her sing it," Speorl said.

The country-esque "Jenny Jenkins" and the cover of "I'll Fly Away" show Boggs' diverse vocal style and maturing musical taste. "I'll Fly Away" was originally published by Albert E. Brumely in 1932.

There were many special guests that helped Boggs make the album. Funari played the guitar solo's on "Phoenix" and "Honesty." Prokorym played Mandolin, violin, and sang background vocals on the album. Joe Burke played banjo and sang vocals. Melissa Mansfield added background vocals to the CD. Michael Hotter played lead guitar on "Elena" and on "Springtime & Whiskey."

Laura Boggs' "Whiskey & Springtime" was released on November 19, 2006. You can hear live tracks by going to her website and clicking on the songs. You can also pick up the album by checking her out live. "Whiskey & Springtime" was recorded in producer Harith Abdullah's basement.

On February 10 at 8 a.m. and on February at 6 p.m., Boggs will be interviewed by Jimmy Barret on 104.9 FM. Also on the show she will be playing at the Riverstreet Beatshop located at 197 Riverstreet, Troy. On the 23, Boggs can be seen live with Happy Balky at the Parting Glass starting at 9:30 p.m. in Saratoga. Other places Boggs has previously played at include; Prof. Java's, Starbucks, Caf頌ina, Barnabey's, Lark Tavern, and Bailey's caf頩n Saratoga.


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