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Monday, July 16, 2007

More Water!

This is our new gig flyer for July 31st at the Lark Tavern!

Camp was a lot of fun this weekend! We brought our friend Krysta up to camp! She takes us to her camp all the time so it was great to have her at our camp too!
We went up to Split Rock and looked at the waterfall! Jason, Krysta and my uncle were a bit more adventerous than me and hopped around on the rocks. Dan got some good pictures from the middle of the waterfall! Here we are!
We drove around the Adirondacks to Paradox Lake, to Eagle Point, and up to Fort Ticonderoga- where there was some motorcycle/NASCAR event going on, which was neat but slightly disconcerting.
We went down to the lake and hung out there for a bit, but it was alittle cloudy, so we went back to camp!


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