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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Best concert of the year

Wow. I just went to my best concert of the year so far.
I love all the bands that I've seen this year, but you have to check these guys out. They call themselves the McDades. They are 3 siblings and 2 buddies that they picked up. They're from Canada. They played on performance space today on NPR, and were crashing out here in Schoharie- so they were playing an impromptu concert in this Presbyterian church in Schoharie... acoustic... it was AMAZING.
They were billed to me as kinda celtic traditional- and they definitely have those roots- but it was so much more than that- they were jazzy folky blues with so many other influences too- and such precise musicians. And, well, we all know I love when people sing in french. (but they sing mostly in english). They had the most fantastic sense of humor- the violinist was a particularly charming and funny lady!
SO, we have to get them some gigs in Albany. So, let's do it up already. Friend them on myspace and listen to their tunes. They have a CDbaby site too. I bought their latest CD- I am going to play it during the 5th graders check out time tomorrow (hey, hook 'em on good music when they're young). Sounds like how these guys must have started out ;)

They have lots of CD's out... oh and they won a Juno Award! neato!


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