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Friday, January 30, 2009

2 great new books

Hey grown ups out there who read grown-up books. Look at me reading two whole new grown up books!!! Hooray a book with more than 32 pages!

So to you overworked people, I've done the hard work and picked out two new great books just about to be published. Manual of Detection is great if you love smart mysteries. There is a little fantasy in there too. The main character, detective Unwin, is easy to like. The hip old timey detective speak is top notch.

The other is The Mighty Queens of Freeville. The author is of "Ask Amy' fame, and she is hilarious. Small town girl who succeeds dispite herself. She's alittle Bridget Jones plus single mom.

So try one, or both! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here's my outfit from Friday at school. Jason stood on the couch to get a good picture of the top of the hat :) Nothing like a kindergartner saying, "Miss Boggs, I like that Big Ben!" :)

My cat is nuts

Comet likes to roast his butt. To be fair, Starbuck was doing this yesterday too, so they're both nuts. Ah well.


Pipoha, is how it's spelled on my recipe... that's been taped to the rolling pin since 1993. Wikipedia says, "Pierogi (also perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, pierogy, pirohy, or pyrohy), from the Proto-Slavic "pir" (festivity), is the name most commonly used in English speaking areas to refer to a variety of Slavic semicircular (or, in some cuisines, square) boiled dumplings of unleavened dough stuffed with varying ingredients. In English the word pierogi and its variants are pronounced with a stress on the letter "o"."

Either way- here's the pictures of Jason, Me and Alexis working from 1- 8pm yesterday making them. (We took a short break for trip to Catnap bookstore in Cobleskill, and to eat some great snacks we picked up from Peronne's (on rt 7))