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Monday, June 29, 2009

Interesting Party

So here is the story of this Saturday. Jason and I invited some friends over. The boys' fishing/cheese/sausage party was balanced by some lovely ladies that came out that day. First, we assembled, then the boys fished. Then we ate pulled pork, cornbread and more sausage and cheese.Then came the musical instruments and the wacky fun.

And by wacky, I mean that several people could have been horribly maimed-- though there were no fireworks or explosives involved this time. While making the cornbread, Jason was warned not to touch his hands (that had just touched hot peppers) to his eyes... or " [his] feet"
"His feet?" we asked...
"Yes, his feet... they will start to burn."
"Surely you jest."
"No, it's true."

So later we taste tested our infused strawberry vodka. It was great. The strawberries that had infused the vodka were taste tested by all-- they were lethal. So we had two strawberries left. I dared Adrian to eat them. He refused. I offered to give him a dollar if he ate them. He refused. I told him that I would rub a hot pepper on my foot if he would eat the strawberries. There were no grownups in the room to advise us not to do this.

I rubbed the pepper on my foot. It was, days later, still warmer than my other foot. But other than that, there was no painful effects. He ate the strawberry and it was a pretty good time had by all. Cayenne pepper can help with poor circulation in your feet though.

Then we played with a boomerang and it got stuck in the tree. Matt knocked it out with a hatchet tied to a rope ( I know, cringe, many people could have been injured in this activity).

Then... if that wasn't enough... they sharpened knives and then one person shaved their arm with the knife.

THEN... if the sharp, spicy, alcoholic dangers weren't enough, they decided to make cheese.

Though the cheese making process for mozzarella and ricotta is not difficult, we are sure that one could very easily create a biological weapon. But it was good. And we all went home happy.

Knock on wood there were no headlines the next day, "Teacher maimed in bizarre accident." "Librarian says, 'it seemed like a good idea at the time.'"

Cool hats

We have cool hats that we got at the Old Songs Festival.

Congrats Sam and Janice!

Dr Figity Dixieland band and an outdoor wedding. How sweeeeet. Sam and Janice gave me some wedding envy.

Plus they had purple damselflies all over the place... did you know the difference between a damselfly and a dragonfly is that damselfly wings go back, dragonfly wings are perpendicular to their bodies.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the news

We saw the green screens and all the lights and cameras! We had fun!

Cat Cuddle

You knew I was a sap. I am making greeting cards from some of my cat pictures. Here is a cat huggle.

Instrument Addiction

You know that I have long coveted the dulcimer. You also know that of my two addictions (shoes and musical instruments.... oh wait... three... yarn) musical instrument addiction is the most dangerous. And luckily, I don't have some people's Gucci or Jimmy Chou preferences, my shoe problem is monetarily under control with nothing much richer than Borne .

So I'll count my blessings and say it's OK to buy beautiful things like my new mountain dulcimer I bought at Old Songs!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm on the news!

Follow the link to see me being interviewed, with one of my students about our documentary! As a HUGE collaborative project between our school library, our entire 5th grade, our school band, our local historical society, the Old Stone Fort library and museum in Schoharie- we produced a documentary called "The Battle of Cobleskill 1778". We created a primary source based documentary with living history reinactments. Our students researched in the Stone Fort Library, wrote the storyboard and script, made the maps, played the music for the soundtrack, learned about geneology and the daugthers of the american revolution, became actors, learned about film composition.... oh and had fun yelling "quiet on the set" :) We premiered it at our 5th grade banquet for all the students and their parents, then had a special showing for the whole school plus the Richmondville, Cobleskill and Schoharie Historical Societies. We even got a plaque from the Schoharie Historical Society. Woohoo!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Melding gardens

We doubled the size of Dude's garden this year. Jason and I helped him plant it. Together we have dozens of tomato, pepper, squash, bean, and herb plants. Hooray

Mum's roses are nice

Mom's rose garden is nice. We are going to send her to Colonial Acres Nursery in Guilderland to buy one more for the garden. They are the nicest there. We bought the apple trees there

Gave Dude Apple Trees for Dude's Day

We bought two for dude, they like to be different varieties to produce more fruit. They will produce over 6 bushels of apples! Good thing he likes apple pie, apple sauce, apple butter...

I love my salad spinner

I love my salad spinner

Big Red Corvette

Uncle Dan's corvette was the star of the show last weekend!

and the cats sleep through it all

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Canning sauce! Eating eggplant!

Our eggplant parm plans were derailed by our eggplant afternoon snack. Baked eggplant rounds topped with feta, tomato, parsley, green peppers and onions. So then I had to can all the tomato sauce we made. So much better than freezing it. We made 6 quarts! Added the fresh basil from our garden!

Picked this up

We picked this up at the Armenian church festival. Pretty.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love Armenians

What do you know about Armenians? They are the best. Here is the wonderful Armenian Festival at Saint Peter's in Watervliet. If you are lucky, you can go tomorrow. If not, you can go with us next year.
A wonderful vendor made an anklet for me, shown below. The church is shown in one picture, and a monument for those killed in the Armenian genocide.


From Left to right is the blown egg, then the first colors, next the lightest colors, all the way to the darkest. The black egg will be heated near a candle and the wax will come off. It will look like the eggs below.

Pysanky Pictures

Proud of our Corvettes

My AC's corvette club made it out for our Richmondville Day's parade. Wonderful!

Here is also, the CRCS marching band! And LAMAS!!!!

Tandem Cooking

I think I should just post my tandem cooking here, and get rid of the other blog...
so much of our cooking is mixed in with our other affairs, as it should be! So I'll just post it all together.

Here is a great Ukrainian wine. It's a perfect desert wine. Yum.

Friends Kayak

Did you know we love to kayak? Here Marlene and Lenny kayak with us. Kayak is Inuit for "soggy bottom".

Cat tries to help...

The cat tried to help making jam...

Wedding flowers

Beautiful pale yellow roses, and these asters as boutonnieres. Know what I love most about them? They kind of look like the kind of flower that you can squeeze and would squirt water at you ;)

Jason's parents visit and we put them to work

We love Jason's parents. And, they make excellent helpers :) This is wonderful carménère we just bottled memorial day weekend. SO GOOD... and it'll only get better as it matures.