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Monday, June 29, 2009

Interesting Party

So here is the story of this Saturday. Jason and I invited some friends over. The boys' fishing/cheese/sausage party was balanced by some lovely ladies that came out that day. First, we assembled, then the boys fished. Then we ate pulled pork, cornbread and more sausage and cheese.Then came the musical instruments and the wacky fun.

And by wacky, I mean that several people could have been horribly maimed-- though there were no fireworks or explosives involved this time. While making the cornbread, Jason was warned not to touch his hands (that had just touched hot peppers) to his eyes... or " [his] feet"
"His feet?" we asked...
"Yes, his feet... they will start to burn."
"Surely you jest."
"No, it's true."

So later we taste tested our infused strawberry vodka. It was great. The strawberries that had infused the vodka were taste tested by all-- they were lethal. So we had two strawberries left. I dared Adrian to eat them. He refused. I offered to give him a dollar if he ate them. He refused. I told him that I would rub a hot pepper on my foot if he would eat the strawberries. There were no grownups in the room to advise us not to do this.

I rubbed the pepper on my foot. It was, days later, still warmer than my other foot. But other than that, there was no painful effects. He ate the strawberry and it was a pretty good time had by all. Cayenne pepper can help with poor circulation in your feet though.

Then we played with a boomerang and it got stuck in the tree. Matt knocked it out with a hatchet tied to a rope ( I know, cringe, many people could have been injured in this activity).

Then... if that wasn't enough... they sharpened knives and then one person shaved their arm with the knife.

THEN... if the sharp, spicy, alcoholic dangers weren't enough, they decided to make cheese.

Though the cheese making process for mozzarella and ricotta is not difficult, we are sure that one could very easily create a biological weapon. But it was good. And we all went home happy.

Knock on wood there were no headlines the next day, "Teacher maimed in bizarre accident." "Librarian says, 'it seemed like a good idea at the time.'"


At 9:34 AM, Blogger leah said...

I love that Adrian is coaxing Comet in this picture.


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