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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Welcome to America

I'm an ambassador! Of course, after a thorough discussion of gun safety and shotguns, and showing Maeve the mechanisms and how the gun was not loaded, and there were no shells anywhere in sight ( I have to do this disclaimer, my father is an NRA instructor). We took these pictures.

So here is the deal. As I see it, Jason and I are quintessential Americans. We are mutts, we love country music, we are facinated by religion, history and the lot of academia, we play and sing everything, we make jam-wine-cheese, we garden and knit and read read read... so why not bring your foreigners to our house for a quick lesson in America. Krysta Dennis (local singer-songwriter-Notre Dame French Professor) went to Paris to study for a while and met Maeve, a lovely Irish girl. They are great friends. Maeve came to America to tour around and her next stop is Nashville. Incidentally, if you have a couch in between here and somewhere else in America, email me your # for Maeve.


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